Have You Discovered The Power Of Oregano? (Interview)

This year the flu season has packed quite a punch, forty-seven states have reported widespread flu and surely, there are a couple people, if not one, that you know are dealing with the nasty virus. Lately, you are considered to be lucky if you find general symptom relief medicine stocked in stores because everyone is looking for sweet relief.

If you find yourself in-front of an empty shelf and you have the flu, there is still hope! What is being called the “Oil of Oregano Revolution” by Dr. Cass Ingram, author of The Miracle of Wild Oregano, presents a possible alternative which Dr. Ingram takes regularly and claims that he hasn’t been sick for years.

The oil of oregano is being administered to chickens at a Pennsylvania poultry plant as an alternative to antibiotics, Dr. Ingram said in an interview with North Platte Post that the chickens which are taking the oil of oregano, produced at Bell & Evans, are more vital and healthy. The natural supplement has benefits to humans which Dr. Ingram explains in the interview that the oil of oregano is a germicide which makes it ideal for getting over a common cold or the flu. Dr. Ingram explained a study where he injected the flu virus into cells and he found that the oil of oregano which “obliterates the virus.”

Listen to the interview where Dr. Cass Ingram shares the benefits from oil of oregano.


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