Mayor Seeks To Boost Revenue of City

Posted 2 years ago

By Administrator

MayorSpeaking today to members of the North Platte noon rotary club, North Platte Mayor Dwight Livingston said that he prefers to seek revenue growth for the city rather than budget cuts, as a way of “helping to put a little extra in our pockets at the end of the year”.  The mayor said that seeking to make fair budget cuts can be problematic.  He would rather try to increase revenue than cut the budget.  Livingston was guest speaker at the weekly rotary gathering, and provided an update on the city’s agenda for 2013.


Livingston that there are two pressing concerns currently:  first is to hire an information technology employee to provide oversight and direction to the city’s need for computerization and digital workflow.  Second is to hire a replacement for city fire chief, Paul Pederson, who is scheduled to retire later this winter.


Livingston said he has not met with all of the city departments to talk about budget needs. In response to what has been his biggest surprise since his election in November, he quipped, “I thought this job was part-time, and that hasn’t proven to be absolutely true”.

  • Edgar

    I guess our already high taxes are going to go UP, UP, UP!!!

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  • chris

    why not close the golf course? that has never been more then a money pit, i’ll bet that’s $500,000 a year of the budget. why not have mayor that visits downtown, we need more support down there, funny haven’t seen new mayor down there since election

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  • sumting wong here

    So Sell Iron Eagle let it be something else other than a pimple on the citys butt!!!!

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  • fnp

    “increase revenue” = raise OUR taxes. Why can no government entity live within a budget?

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  • Dale Dribble

    I love it when people cry about “we ant the city to fix our streets” and “we need more police officers” and in the same breath cry about “our taxes are too high”

    Where are those people? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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  • Edgar

    Combine the Sheriff’s Department and NPPD. Create the Lincoln County PD. That would save a lot of money. Also, give some companies a tax break to move to NP. More people living in NP will raise the revenue.

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  • snapple

    The government doesn’t make revenue, they take in the form of tax dollars the money. No government actually makes money they take and spend, which if we would the samething as individuals we would be in jail for theft. So now North Platte has their very own Joe Biden running things.

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  • http://com country boy

    City needs growth and i don’t mean new banks. Industrial growth! But the way it sounds the city council makes it near impossible for any new industry to come in. Its too bad to because this is a nice town to live in.

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  • meanoldwoman

    If the city council would stop thinking North Platte was like Kearney or Lincoln and stop spending like it is one of thoes two they wouldn’t have the budget problems they do. Just because a Dept wants something new doesn’t mean they need it.

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