Hot Sheets (1/17): What Happens In NP Doesn’t Always Stay In NP

JacobWilliamOrr: Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Jacob William Orr:  Possession Of A Controlled Substance



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  • wtf

    one is the loneliest number….

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  • http://ThePost SOMUCHSTUPIDITY

    He’s got plenty of company, he won’t be lonely

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  • D

    Nest generation of our outstanding citizens upholding what is worst that this town offers.

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  • just sayin

    Yet another on something, meth,pills, cocaine, welcome to Noth Platte, maybe they should still refer us as “little Chicago” stupid addicts!

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  • Ethanol Man

    “Baby Face Jacob”

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  • goam

    North Platte needs to spend some money and the banks throwing all their money around NEED to build an activity center for these kids to keep busy so they’re not turning to drugs for entertainment. A skating rink, the Big Apple in Kearney would be an example, the activity center that used to be where the GPRMC physical therapy is would be excellent to bring back. There’s just NOTHING in our town to keep our youth busy!!!

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  • maybe

    i have four kids in np-they seem to stay busy without the city supplying entertainment….they go to church twice on sundays, school five days a week, youth group on wednesday evenings, they ‘work’ on weekends, choir practice, they participate in sports, the community playhouse, for ‘drama’, mentoring activities….all this said-i think it’s MY responsibility to keep them busy & away from drugs or alcohol for entertainment, jmo

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  • alwayshere

    I totally agree with maybe! I raised 5 kids, none of which complained about “nothing to do” in this town. They were kept busy. They all found jobs by the time they were 16. They all kept their jobs because they knew they had to pay their expenses. No car unless they could pay for it, no computer, no xbox, all these things they had to buy for themselves. The “bored” word was never uttered in our house. They learned this before the age of 5. “Bored” meant you had extra time to work, such as pulling weeds, cleaning toilets, etc. Yes, a 5 year old can clean a toilet!

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