Officials React To Obama’s Proposed Ban, Demand The Constitution Be Followed

obamaFrom Oregon to Mississippi, President Barack Obama’s proposed ban on new assault weapons and large-capacity magazines has struck a nerve among rural lawmen and lawmakers, many of whom vowed to ignore any restrictions — and even try to stop federal officials from enforcing gun policy in their jurisdictions.

In Oregon’s Josephine County, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson said Wednesday that a lot of sheriffs are standing up and demanding the Constitution – especially the Second Amendment – be followed.

And legislative efforts to pre-empt the president’s proposals have surfaced in Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Tennessee and Mississippi.

But legal experts say their actual powers to defy federal law are limited. And much of the impassioned rhetoric amounts to political posturing until — and if — Congress acts.

  • Ty

    Where does our Lincoln county Sheriffs department stand on the issue?

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    i hate crimes with weapons , but our country was founded on right to have weapons , and again , hate to say the obvious , but until we fully understand this , we will be in the wrong spot on this issue. Any of thousands of objects in our lives can be used as a weapon , but as they lay there idle , are nothing but a non-moving-active object. When , AND ONLY WHEN , a person -( WITH A UNDERLYING ISSUE OF SOME SORTS )- puts that object into motion-is it a tooL of destruction. Its like the saying- that the king said in the movie braveheart when he was trying to slow down william wallace-and he was talking about the people following wallace….MERE SHEEP , IF WE KILL THE SHEPHERD. Wierd angle i know but start paying attention to the PEOPLE DOING THE CRIMES-HANDLING THEM- and the weapons are nothing but a metal object. And as already stated by milions -these 2 facts- 1. right to bear arms is ours forever 2. the bad guys will always have guns…….jmo

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    • digger

      huskerlover, you are 100% right

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