NE to Discuss Mountain Lion Hunting Season

mountain-liionNebraska officials plan to discuss a possible mountain lion hunting season after a growth in the animal’s population.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission heard from staff Friday about the state’s resident mountain lion population.

The population in the Pine Ridge of northwest Nebraska has grown slightly, from 19 in 2010 to 22 in 2012. An official says that’s large enough for a limited harvest.

The newspaper reports the commission will meet in May to consider regulations governing a cougar season.

Officials identified a female mountain lion in the Niobrara River Valley in north-central Nebraska during its population study. But it’s unclear if the lion is a resident or was passing through the area.

  • c’mon man

    They are just displaced by all the wild fires. I hate to see them killed. I wish law enforcement had tranquilizer guns. Then they could be returned to the country.

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    • Ty

      Ya unless your a rancher. I’m a ranchers son and these things have been known to take down calves and full grown cattle. Can you afford to loose $600 for each calf and 1,000-$1,500 per grown head of cattle whenever these animals get hungry. They need managed before this gets out of control. While deer hunting this year I allmost saw more lions than shootable whitetail bucks in the northern panhandle. Now we know deer is a large portion of their diet. And their normal food mostly died out this year due to some disease…. So I’m willing to bet cattle and horses are next on the mountain lion menu here in Nebraska. Time to manage them game and Parks!

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  • countrymen

    So a friend of mine showed me a picture of the non existant mountain lions in the pine ridge of nebraska. For only 22 said mountain lions in the area its amazing that 4 mountain lions can be captured in one photo eating off a deer carcass. 200 yards from a house.

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