Hot Sheets (1/20): Hey…. Look at me… Look at me…

James Edward Foggs: Failure To Appear

James Edward Foggs: Failure To Appear


Benjamin Frank Beauvais: Driving Under the Influence Liquor 1st Under .15, Traffic Offenses-Leaving The Scene Property Damage (Two Counts)


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  • raven

    Ha and my family and friends thought they would see me on here today since it was my bday yesterday.. i was smart and had a driver

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    • Ethanol man

      Was Benjamin your driver?

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  • lame name

    hope not since he hit some parked cars a house and ended up a couple hundred feet off buffalo bill in a field around 3 this morning (i heard it via police scanner^^^^^)

    Current score: 2
  • raven

    Nope, my driver was sober and my truck and i made it home safely at 5 this morning

    Current score: 1
  • Biggie Smalls


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  • sober sally


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