Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal…Claims She’s Innocent

LindsayLindsay Lohan is confident that she’ll beat her lying-to-cops car crash case — so confident that she’s refusing to accept a plea deal that would keep her out of jail.

According to TMZ, the prosecutors were willing to let Lindsay plead no contest and agree to six months of lock-down rehab, but the star isn’t interested because she says she’s innocent. The cops don’t feel the same way. Law enforcement sources believe the prosecutors have her dead to rights, because she told officer she was a passenger in the Porsche when there’s overwhelming evidence she was the driver.

If the case goes to trial and Lindsay is found guilty, she could face 19 months in jail.

  • big bad

    what a train wreck

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    shes a horrible actress , good at nothing but bad , and yet could buy my world-( material items of course ) a 1000 times over….this world is twisted

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  • Val

    Why does media keep wasting space on this person?

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