Hot Sheets (1/22): Behind Every Hot Sheet Is A Story

Mona Lisa Torres:DUI (2nd), Assault

Mona Lisa Torres: DUI (2nd), Assault

Albert Ellison Mcintire: Failure To Appear (X2)

Albert Ellison Mcintire: Failure To Appear (X2)

Alfanso Venancio Romero: Restraining/Protection Order Violation

Alfanso Venancio Romero: Restraining/Protection Order Violation



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  • Ethanol man

    Mona Lisa? She resembles the painting….

    Current score: 7
  • raven

    Wasn’t Alfanso the one that went “missin” around new years
    ..what a dumbass

    Current score: 15
  • only

    He was only “missing” because he left home, didn’t tell his wife where he was going. And refused to contact her. She has moved on and has a boyfriend now.

    Current score: 0
  • Russel

    Like the title says, there is a story behind every hot sheet. Alfonso and his wifes relationship issues are really no ones business but their own (even though Melissa chooses to make it public knowledge). However just remember that it takes two to tango; there is more to this “story” than most know but it is not my place nor my responsibility to inform the public. All I can say is that while it may look it now, Alfonso is NOT the only one in the wrong.

    Current score: 6
    • citizen kane

      obviously not, if she has a new man already. Just following the np soap opera trail.

      Current score: 5
  • hmmmm

    She went from married and a complete mess over him “missing” to “boyfriend in just a few days? Classy. They have children involved I thought? Praying for the little ones that have to deal with so many unstable people in their lives. They will be the ones to pay for their parents stupidity.

    Current score: 10
  • D

    Way to go Mona. Your a real winner. Keep up the DUI’s for a few more times and its the female pen for you. Maybe you’ll clean up, which I doubt, but it would be nice for you to get off the street so its a little safer, which by the reading on the hot sheets, its not safe, period.

    Current score: 3
  • big bad

    looks like mona lisa did loose her smile

    Current score: 0