Unveiled Documents Accuse 14 Priests Of Sex Abuse

Posted 2 years ago

By Associated Press

gavelProsecutors will review internal priest personnel files kept by the Los Angeles Roman Catholic archdiocese that show retired Cardinal Roger Mahony and other top church officials worked to shield molester priests.

District attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said in an emailed statement Tuesday that the office will “evaluate all documents as they become available to us.”

Thousands of pages of confidential records from the files of 14 priests accused of sex abuse were made public Monday.

The documents show how the church handled abuse allegations for decades and provide the strongest evidence to date that Mahony and a top aide consulted about how to handle molester priests and protect the archdiocese from scandal.

Mahony issued an apology Monday.

Dozens more priest files will soon become public under a 2007 settlement agreement.


    the catholic religion is historic , but shows its dark side here…..i can’t get fired up about any one , that issues a apology only when they reluctantly show the files on people abusing children after immense preassure i put on them. I also would like to make the obvious couple other points: 1. its not like it was just one person , one time that did this- and they can say-“just a bad apple” 2. talk about talking out both sides of your mouth……..and when its the LEADERS of the church doing the covering up…..how do you look over that and say…..”regardless-they are good guys”……really??…..they no longer have my attention in the way they wish……

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    see above…..I didnt mean to say I after the word preassure,,,,,excuse me

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