Great Lakes Aircraft Lands Safely at NP Regional Airport After Close Call

great-lakes-airA Great Lakes aircraft has landed safely at North Platte Regional Airport after a close call.

At 2:20pm on January 27, the North Platte 911 Center received a call that a Great Lakes Beach Craft 1900, which carried 17 passengers and 2 pilots, was unable to deploy their landing gear upon approach to Lee Bird Field.  The aircraft circled the airfield while emergency crews were en route.  It is believed, by authorities, that the pilots were able to manually deploy the landing gear and safely land the aircraft.

At 3:00pm, the North Platte Post observed passengers being unloaded safely from the craft and they were greeted by emergency personnel.  According to the North Platte Police Department, no one was transported to the hospital or required any emergency care.

PICTURE: Emergency crews arrive at the safely landed airplane

The response to the emergency by the North Platte Police Department, Lincoln County Sheriff and North Platte Fire Department was impressive and handled with extreme organization.  The Post observed approximately 15 emergency vehicles on scene prepared to give aid if needed.

PICTURE:  North Platte and Lincoln County First Responders gather after tragedy diverted




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    Congrats to the pilot and crew for their expertise and safe landing.

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