Kearney Man Charged with 30 Counts of Being a Felon with Firearms


The Kearney Police Department found a small arsenal of weapons in the home of a Kearney man who is a convicted felon.

Charges were filed against Ward Hunnel, 44, of Kearney.  Buffalo County Court Records state that Hunnel was charged with 30 counts of being a felon in possession of firearms-first offense.  A search warrant was served on Hunnel’s home Thursday afternoon by the Kearney Police Department.  Upon execution of the warrant, police found Hunnel to be in possession of 28 rifles and two shotguns.  All 30 counts are Class I-D felonies and are punishable by three to 50 years in prison.

The warrant was issued after police received information on Wednesday that Hunnel had a cache of weapons in his Kearney home.  The warrant was served by members of the Kearney Police Emergency Services Unit.

Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch told the Kearney Hub that he believes Hunnel is a hunting enthusiast and not a threat to the community.

Hunnel also faces a similar weapons charge in Grant County after being charged with possessing weapons in November.

Hunnel will appear in Buffalo County Court in February.




  • http://northplattepost Wayne Busboom

    What a JOKE !!! A hunting enthusiast,, this dude has broken every law ever made when it comes to hunting or fishing. Anyone one that knows him also knows he is the biggest thief in central United States. If he gets bail, just watch and see, he will leave the country, with all the other charges building up on this piece of crap.

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