NE Legislature Sets Hearing on ‘Social Media’ Bill to Prevent Meddling Bosses

facebook-log-onLawmakers have set a hearing for a bill that would prevent bosses from demanding access to private information within their employees’ Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The Legislature’s Business and Labor Committee will hold a hearing on the proposal on Monday.

The bill by Sen. Tyson Larson of O’Neill would make it illegal for employers or potential employers to request the information from a worker or job applicant.

The bill would prevent employers from ordering a worker to log onto a social media site in the employer’s presence. Employers also would be banned from demanding passwords, or accessing an account indirectly through a friend or third party.

The law would not apply to information posted by employees that’s in the public domain.

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    You mean this is actually legal at this poing, and that potential employers are doing and demanding this from potential employees?

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