Kid Rock Doesn’t Want You To Spoil His Performance



Kid Rock uploaded a letter on his website that he wrote to his fans simply asking the nearly impossible favor of not ruining the surprises for anyone who cannot attend his tour.


“Dear fans and friends, Myself, the band and crew have worked harder on rehearsing and putting this tour together than any before. I want people to come and have the best time ever, be moved, motivated, touched and walk out of the show feeling GREAT! I do not want it to be spoiled for anyone attending.”


Kid Rock wants you to stop taking videos and pictures of his show because it’s no fun for him when everyone already knows what to expect.


“I have struggled with the idea of not allowing anything from this tour to be posted until AFTER it is over, probly the end of the summer / early fall. It absolutley pains me to know people can see all the suprises and different songs we have worked so hard on after the first few shows! I can NOT however bring myself to do this, as I know so many good people who can’t attend will want a little slice of the new tour, even if it is a camera phone recording with shi**y sound and video!”


While Kid Rock’s plea is understandable (and written without a spell-check), some concert goers travel far to experience the event, spend a large sum of money and will probably be drunk at the show,  a video or some pictures are all they really have left in the end.


“I will suggest however, that if you are able to come, you would not spoil it for yourself and try to refrain from, all of our addictions, to the quick satisfaction of the internet until after you have attended.”

You heard the man, we must lay off our addictions!


“We are gonna try to our hardest to post lots of goodies and insight on the road through and other social media throughout the tour.We have a basic setlist outline for the tour, but will be switching up songs nightly to keep it fresh for you and for us! We are beyond excited, prepared and ready to play some music for all of yall’, Hope to see your face in the place! Happy New Year – Kid Rock.”

Try to remember this as NEBRASKAland Days rolls around. Kid Rock would appreciate it.