Teens Still Missing After 11 Days

mISSINGTEENSTwo teens are still missing from the Ogallala area since  January 18th. The two teens are believed to have run away together and there are rumors that the two are possibly in the North Platte area.

Police Chief of Ogallala Police Department, Dave Kling, says the missing individuals were two of four juveniles that officers made contact with the night before they were reported missing.

The Ogallala PD has received many unconfirmed reports of seeing the two young run-away teens in the North Platte area. They are believed to have no vehicle.

Kling said, photos and information on the teens has been entered into a national database for missing teens. Social media has helped get the word out in this missing persons cases as well as in past situations.

Please call the Ogallala Police Department if you discover any information regarding the location of the two teenagers.

Ogallala PD: 308-284-2024, 308-284-2011

The information below can help identify the two individuals.

One 17-year-old girl, Amanda Stoner and 17-year-old Greg Howell are believed to have run away from the Ogallala area, Facebook pictures of Amanda show the two individuals together in multiple photos.

Amanda was possibly wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt before her disappearance, her eyes are a blue and green mix and she has blonde hair.

Greg is around six feet tall with brown hair & eyes.


  • dbmc_mommy

    So awesome that you guys reposted this. Thank you so much. We need to keep their faces out there until they are home safe with their families.

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  • http://mheble@live.com Leanne Heble

    I miss my daughter so very much!! Mom loves you and misses you Amanda Lee, your my girl and if you see this please tell me your ok. I am scared something has happened to you and I am frantic to find you!! If you know where Amanda is please let someone know she is ok, please anyone. Please lets bring these two home to people who love them so much!! Please help!

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  • http://windows Hashime

    It appears they got into trouble with the law enforcement and decided to take off. Sooner or later they will show up and face their charges.

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  • Work at Home Mom

    As a mom of three girls I have to say I have been watching for good news on this every day! I hope they are safe and let someone know. It upsets me to think they are out hiding and their family is worried sick. Prayers sent !

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  • SomeRandomInfo

    Saw them in Gary’s in north platte. Just saying

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  • dbmc_mommy

    SomeRandomInfo. . . when did you see them in Gary’s?

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  • Ashly

    Please people… If you think or know that you’ve seen them or know where they are, please call the Ogallala Police Department ASAP!!! 308-284-2024 or 308-284-2011 … the tips that you post on here might be very helpful but by the time the right people see them, it might be too late!!! Thank you again for EVERYONE who is helping us… I just hope and pray that they are found SOON!

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