Arrest Made in Sutherland Fatality MVA: $100,000 Bond For Micah Koch

2013-01-31 15_53_45-VIEWER - Inmate Master24 year old Micah B. Koch of Hershey, was arrested and incarcerated in the Lincoln County Detention Center for Motor Vehicle Homicide (a Class III Felony) and Driving While Intoxicated Serious Bodily Injury (a Class IIIA Felony) due to an auto accident that killed Korey Elizabeth Huebner, 24, of Hershey.

Koch was arraigned in Lincoln County Court and given a bond of 10% of $100,000.00. Initial reports indicated that Koch’s blood alcohol level was over two times the legal limit. Additionally, accident reconstruction specialists from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office believed Koch’s vehicle was exceeding the speed limit prior to the crash. This investigation is ongoing.

  • for KH

    Micah is getting what is deserved. It’s time to man up and and take some responsibility here, I understand it was a mistake no one meant for this terrible tragedy to happen but the fact is it happened and your parents aren’t going to be able to buy your way out of this. Pay the price, do the time, don’t hide from the fact that this happened and don’t lie about the fact that “You don’t remember who was driving”. If you have any respect for Korey and her family then you would own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions, and hopefully you have finally learned your lesson. Micah is a good guy and I know he is hurting for Korey but grow up buddy, it’s time.

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    • g1

      Agreed!!!!!!!! He caused s bad accident a few years back and he almost killed another person. He got away with it. So sad a life was lost over his actions!!!

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  • :(

    Korey and Micah were friends for years. I don’t think Korey would want her childhood friend behind bars for this… Just makes a bad situation worse.

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  • Oh My

    The Huebner Family & the Koch family both have a long painfully difficult road in front of them that only time can heal. Neither family needs anyone tearing them down. Mr. Koch has to live with the consequences of his choices for the rest of his life. The memories will live with him long after he has served time. The Huebner family will never be the same and their hearts will never fully heal. It will take a long time but I hope some where along the way the Huebner family finds peace, understanding and forgiveness for Mr. Koch because this is indeed a tragedy and I am sure Mr. Koch has and will learn the hard way the consequences of drinking & driving. No one can relate or understand the hurt & pain in these circumstances unless they have experienced it first hand. I pray for all involved in the accident and both families. So unless your family is perfect stop & think before you pass judgment.

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  • just sayin

    So what are you saying let him walk? Its a sad deal and thoughts and prayers go out to the family. But seriously how many times does it take to tell someone don’t drink and drive before they get the hint things like this happen

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    • citizen Kane

      the others did make the choice to get in the vehicle with him.

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    • Oh My

      I did not say let him walk. If you read the whole statement I said “The memories will live with him long after he had served time.” Read passed what you want to here and you would understand I said he will serve time. Not going to get in an online argument with you. I said what I have to say.

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  • Mother

    Sometimes it is hard for people to really think something will happen to them until it actually does. I have been a mother for 40 years and some lessons are hard to learn. It is too bad when a tragedy has to happen. But don’t condem people for mistakes. I am sure everyone that is involved will have a hard time for years to come and need lots of prayers and understaning from everyone around. I am reminded daily of how fortunate I am to have all of my family still with me.

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  • rowdy1

    It may have been reported some where, but what was Korey’s BAC? It unfortunate that this occured, and the driver should be help responsible, but…

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  • Val

    A bad decision made by all the parties involved. One person died, another will suffer for a lifetime because of that decision. My prayers go out to the families. It’s absolutely heart breaking.

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  • Suzie Que

    My heart and prayers all go out to these families. Everyone knows that Micha is going to be punished according to the law. His mental punishment will be 100 times worse than anything that the law will ever do to him. What all of you are not thinking about is that everyone makes choices and for every choice that we make there is a reward or a consequence for it. 3 people not 2 people got in that pick up that night. They all made a choice that night to go out and they all made a choice to get in that pick up. Sadly the outcome was not a good one. Sometimes we need to take a step back and think about the events leading up to that point. How many other people were with them that night drinking? Did anyone else know they were drinking? Did anyone else stop them from getting into that truck? Those are all thing that are also involved. I agree that the laws need to be followed and that he will have to be punished by the law. I do hope that all of the rest of the people involved have stepped back and thought about everything that took place that fatal night. Next time that you all pick up a drink I hope that you remember this Beautiful young woman and the other TWO men involved say a prayer and either say no to the drink or call someone to come and get you. It is not worth all of the pain and suffering that will go on for years. My heart aches for these families and friends. I hope that God will bless you with his comfort and embrace you with his love as you struggle to get through your grief. So many lives were touched by this beautiful woman and she will never be forgotten. Please Please do not drink and drive we have all lost to much….Prayers to you all

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  • http://noplattepost nevaeh2591

    The 2 men were at the Hershey Bar that nite..
    The young lady was not with them.

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  • dale

    Micah was not the only one who made a choice. Korey made a choice to drink and get inside the vehicle and so did Jay. They are adults and they all made a choice. Not one person is fully responsible for this accident. By law it will be Micah because he was operating the vehicle. But all 3 of them made their own personal choice to drink and not be responsible. It is a loss for all 3 but may it also be another lesson learned. You do not drink and drive and you do not get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking. The State Patrol Video that is shown over and over and over has a meaning for a reason. The loss is great for these 3 families but the lesson learned is greater.

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  • ljg

    When you choose to drive a vehicle you assume the responsibility to keep yourself and your passengers safe under any conditions. This is drivers course 101. Micah did not assume that responsibility; and if he knew he had been drinking; why speed. This intersection is not new; Micah is responsible.

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  • Uhmwhat?

    I know both sides! I have children the same age. I can not think that anyone would want the best friend of their child to spend the rest of their time in prison! Everyone here made a bad decision that night! Micah just survived!! It is a mess and I am so sorry for the families!! I have buried 2 children. It is not something anyone should ever have to do!! But remember the friend she had.

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