Legally Armed Man Detains Suspect

ScottPhilipHulse-TheftByUnlawfulTakingTrespassingOn January 31, a North Platte man who was legally armed, held a burglar at bay while authorities responded to the scene.

Deputies from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a call at around 8:02 PM about someone breaking into a home on Old Highway 83 Road, south of North Platte. The caller advised her son was there at the residence.

The 21-year-old son was legally armed and according to the LCSO, he had a couple of handguns which he used to hold the burglar in place.  Cops say it appeared the suspect had consumed food in the residence

The suspect, 34-year-old Scott Hulse allegedly had keys to a vehicle in his pocket which belonged to a resident of the home, clothes which belonged to the home owner were worn by the suspect as well.

Hulse claimed he owned the house when questioned. Hulse was arrested and booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center.

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