The Latest Divorces In Lincoln County… See Em Here!


  • April D. Gjesdal and Shane M. Gjedsal
  • Amie N. Meyer and Greg L. Meyer
  • Kathleen L. Pishna and James V. Pishna
  • Cindy I. Smith and Jeffrey A. Smith
  • Nathan D. Moog and Krystal L. Moog
  • Michelle Wenthold and Richard Wenthold
  • Desiree L. Perkins and David A. Walker
  • Ryan L. Rathjen and Heather A. Rathjen
  • Heather M. Simmons and Richard D. Simmons
  • Mike R. Buffington and Sherri W. Buffington
  • Yvonne A. Bennett and Russ E. Bennett
  • Jason R. Foran and Robin T. Foran
  • Eva DeCent and Jack W. DeCent
  • Jackie L. Lashley and Michael G. Lashley
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    Holy cow! Never thought I’d see Eva & jack get a divorce!!

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    • Hohum

      A Decent is a Decent. No sugar coating that. Glad to see Eva leave him

      Current score: 5
  • no name

    Which 1 is Jack Decent??? I know Barbie is his sister is he older????

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  • micheal

    the Decents r wonderful people and in/laws and niece’s and nephew. LOVE THE FAMILY

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  • Mr Noggin

    Holy crap!!! I didn’t know richard simmons was even married. No more sweatin to the oldies for him

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    • Ethanol man

      That’s funny!

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