(UPDATE) Missing Teenagers: Runaways Reach Week Two

According to family members, both Amanda Stoner and Greg Howell have returned home safely.  The Post wants to thank our readers for being vigilant, and assisting us in spreading the word on Amanda and Greg.

To the families, we are so thankful that your loved ones are safe and sound!


Two weeks ago today, two Ogallala teens, Amanda Stoner, 17, and Greg Howell, 17, were reported as missing. The community is working together to keep their faces in the public eye so that if they are seen, they may be brought back home to their families.

Very little is known about the two teens, suspected of running away. According to Stoners mother, Leanne Heble, the two teens are dating, Amanda took $500 from her bank account and no extra clothes before her disappearance. The two teens attended a party on January 18th. The party was the location where the two teens made contact with the police officers and tickets were written, Amanda being one who received a ticket.

Heble said, “Mostly I want her to know that her whole family is here and we love her and we miss her and we just want her home,” continuing,  we need to know if she is safe, that is the main thing, because right now were not even sure of that, and that is the scariest thing not knowing if your kid is OK.”

Please call the Ogallala Police Department if you discover any information regarding the location of the two teenagers.

Ogallala PD: 308-284-2024, 308-284-2011



  • dbmc_mommy

    Great job, Leanne. Stay strong, girl. Still looking. Love you!

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  • http://mheble@live.com Leanne Heble

    Thanks to you for keeping my daughter’s face out there!! She is somewhere and someone knows something. I really want to thank Eagle Communications and Kris Allen, what an amazing bunch of people who really care and really do make a difference!! You have helped me and my family and friends who are worried and scared, you are amazing!! Please bring my daughter home safe!! Please Amanda call home or someone, your loved and missed!!

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  • Emily

    Hoping for a safe return!

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  • Ashly

    They came home this morning. They are safe. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP IN FINDING THEM!!!

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  • Happy For you!!

    They did come home!! That is wonderful!! Very happy they are safe!

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  • dbmc_mommy

    So happy for the family. Thank you God! And thank you to NorthPlattePost for keeping the info out there. You guys rock!

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  • Julie

    So very happy for everyone involved! Thank you for updating us. Best wishes to all of you!

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  • http://mheble@live.com Leanne Heble

    They did come home on 2-3-2013!! Was a very long and difficult time but Eagle Communications, 97.1 Radio, the North Platte Post, and Kris Allen made a huge difference in getting this story out there and helping us find Amanda Stoner!! You have made a huge difference in my life and my families lives!! You truely care, and you really do make a difference, thank you so much!! You are all angles to me!!

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  • @sbag

    Now I think an explanation is in order !

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