Lt. Gov. Sheehy Resigns After Allegedly Using State’s Cell Phone for Shady Calls

Rick-SheehyThe Lt. Governor of Nebraska, Rick Sheehy, has decided to call it quits, following an investigation into his use of a state-issued cell phone.

An Omaha World Herald investigation, found that Sheehy made about 2,000 late-night phone calls to “women other than his wife.”

Gov. Dave Heineman stated Saturday that Sheehy had broken his trust, but would not elaborate on that statement.  Also adding that he would no longer support Sheehy should he continue his campaign.  Sheehy was not present at the press conference, and the Associated Press reports that his state cell phone has been disconnected.

A spokeswoman for the governor’s offices said they are investigating whether Sheehy will need to reimburse the state for the phone calls.  Heineman has already started searching for Sheehy’s replacement.


  • Susan

    What makes these idiots think they will never be caught? Good riddance…..

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  • http://com country boy

    They say he was calling escorts huh?

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  • Captain Obvious

    Dang now we are going to loose our phones!!!

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