Cut the Cussing…Catholic School Makes Girls Pledge Not to Cuss

no-cussingDo you see a gender equality battle brewing or what?  To curse or not to curse…

Administrators at a Catholic high school in Northern New Jersey made their female students take a “no cursing pledge.”  However, some people are up-in-arms because the male students did not have to take the same pledge.

The organizer of the movement and teacher at Queen of Peace High School, Lori Flynn, said that there is no gender bias involved.  Stating that, while the male students weren’t asked to take the pledge, they were asked not to swear when girls are near.

Brother Larry Lavallee, the school’s principal, says the girls in their school have the foulest language, and they are simply trying to get ladies to act like ladies.

Girls at the school said they will try their best to stay true to their pledge, but they don’t understand why it doesn’t apply to all students.



  • Val

    It should apply to all students … and to many adults as well. We have become a very foul mouthed society and its getting really old. But turn on almost any TV show and it’s filled with F bombs bleeps. Not to mention that I recently flipped across some show called Bad Girls Club or something like that, and we have some girls in their 20s talking about BJs and screwing … errrrr … disgusting. Keeping it classy, America. Keeping it classy.

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