Smoke If You Got Em…Smoking and Drinking Combined Causes Worse Hangovers

smoke-and-a-beerMany people will tell you that they only smoke when they drink, and it is hard to argue that the two do compliment each other quite well.  However, you may want to think twice about feeding your social smoking habit.

A new study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs shows that smoking cigs while drinking will actually make your hangover the next day worse.  Researchers found that people who drank heavily while smoking were more likely to have major hangovers the following day than those who just drink heavily.

The cause, is a chemical found in the tobacco smoke that is also created naturally by your body to clean out toxins when you tie one on. Therefore, combining alcohol and cigarettes actually overloads your system with toxins and chemicals and forces it to work doubly hard to rid itself of the foreign invaders.

So when you’re watching the big game, think about work tomorrow before you decide to give your body a double dose!