Kansas School Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Students

2013-02-06 14_19_12-BREAKING_ Former Solomon Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Students _ Hays Po
Former school teacher from Solomon, KS, 28-year-old Amber M. Stroda, turned herself in to the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday morning.
After a several month long investigation, Dickinson County Investigators requested a warrant for Amber Stroda for 6 felonies. The warrant had been issued on Tuesday.
Stroda was booked into the Dickinson County Jail on 3 counts of Feloniously Engaging in Consensual Intercourse, and 3 counts of Feloniously Engaging in Consensual Sodomy.
Stroda is expected to have a first appearance in court on February 28th.
Through the course of the investigation, Dickinson County investigators were able to identify 2 Solomon High School students as alleged victims in the case.

We will update this story as soon as more information is released.

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    Hope they atleast put a bag over her head :/

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  • Biggie Smalls

    Just a thought. Feloniously Engaging in Consensual Sodomy? So she… Wait. Nevermind. I got it.

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    OMG!!! consensual sodomy……wow!!! wth was she teaching these kids…they need to lock her up and throw away the key!!!

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    I could been valedictorian with them after school lessons.

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    Hmm…We had a teacher (woman) sleep with a student (boy) all the time and everyone including the school board knew it. No one cared…now their married…If guys get serious jail time for underage girls SO SHOULD WOMEN!!

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