Tyler Keup Pleads Not Guilty to Multiple Felony Charges

Tyler Keup

Tyler Keup

Tyler Keup appeared before The Honorable Donald E. Rowlands in Lincoln County District Court today for his arraignment on multiple felony charges.

Keup entered a not guilty plea to Possession of a Controlled Substance-Adderall, two counts of Distribution of Methamphetamine and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Prohibited Person. The charges against Keup stem from a November 25, 2012 arrest following a traffic stop.

Keup’s attorney Gary Krajewski asked Judge Rowlands for a bond reduction, stating that Mr. Keup was “having trouble adjusting to being out of prison, which is why he’s here today.” ┬áKeup was released from prison in 2011 after an appeal because he was 16 when he shot Maricella Martinez and the judge ruled he could not form the intent to kill. He was originally sentenced to 30-60 years, and had served ten years of that sentence when his conviction was reversed and the charge reduced to manslaughter. ┬áHe was given credit for time served.

Rowlands denied the request for bond reduction after Lincoln County Attorney Rebecca Harling reminded the court of Keup’s prior criminal history, and the severity of the crime of which he had been convicted.

Krajewski then requested a continuance for discovery and a Status Hearing was set for March 11.


  • average joe n.p. local :)

    tyler’s not a bad guy he just chose the wrong crowd to “hang with”

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    • Concerned

      Average joe, this is an excuse for a child or an adolescent!! He is at the age that should know who is right and wrong ! I’m sorry if someone pulls out meth immediately I know that that person isn’t the person I should be around! Apparently his judgement is a little foggy !! Besides he was given a second chance at life so you would think he would have taken that and made a better example out of it! Then again that is what I get for thinking !!

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    • Let me explain this in simple terms: good guys don’t kill people, leave prison and do Meth. Bad guys do.

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    There is always a reason..People need to be accountable for their own actions..

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  • http://spacy —-

    They should have never let him out!

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  • http://Facebook Air9carbon

    Might as well let him go on these charges too, He DID kill a girl a got out without spending his whole sentence, lets just let him out to commit more crimes. The good ol System, Gotta Love It,

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  • AgainstStupidPpl


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  • SomeTimes

    My heart breaks for his family! So hard to love someone and know you can’t help them.

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