NE Landowner Kills Mountain Lion

mountain-liionA Nebraska landowner shot and killed a mountain lion earlier this month because he couldn’t scare the animal away.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission says the cougar was shot in Sheridan County on Feb. 8.The landowner says his kids noticed a partially eaten deer in the grass, and then he noticed the mountain lion near the deer carcass.

The landowner tried to scare the cougar away, but instead it advanced on the house. So the landowner shot the mountain lion.The confrontation happened about 5 miles south of Whiteclay.

The mountain lion was a female about 2 years old. Officials found no evidence that she had any young.

Nebraska law says mountain lions can be killed without a permit if they threaten people or attack livestock.


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  • c’mon man

    We are going to see more wildlife coming around humans. With the wildfires and drought they cannot find enough food. We need to find a better way other than killing them. I hope that we can.

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