Saunders County Inmate Dies While in Custody

jailAn autopsy has been performed on the body of a Saunders County jail inmate.

Authorities say 47-year-old Gloria O’Connor was found unresponsive in her cell about 1 a.m. Sunday. She was taken to a Lincoln hospital but could not be revived.

Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz says O’Connor had been sick but wasn’t sick enough to go to a hospital.

Saunders County Attorney Scott Tingelhoff says a grand jury will be convened to investigate O’Connor’s death. State law requires such an investigation whenever someone dies in custody or while being arrested.

Blood and other tests on the body won’t be available for several weeks.

  • citizen Kane

    must have been sick enough if she died..

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    here is one large signal someone is very sick… guessed it…….THEY DIE

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