(WEATHER) North Platte 911 Issues Snow ALERT

snowemergencyThe city of North Platte is declaring a local SNOW ALERT which usually means that a SNOW EMERGENCY is probable.
A SNOW ALERT means weather conditions are favorable for a heavy snowfall, and it will usually be used prior to the more serious SNOW EMERGENCY. The purpose of a SNOW ALERT is to give you more advance warning to move your vehicles from snow routes before conditions require officials to activate the SNOW EMERGENCY.
Below is a list of Emergency Snow Routes in North Platte from 2009

  • NPresidentEvil

    Its fine and dandy if the city issued a snow alert but most citizens dont adhere to it. When a snow emergency does go into effect ppl still dont care. They know the city will do absolutely nothing to the violators. when was the last time the police actually ticketed a violator. They dont do thier jobs so why should ppl move off the routes is the mentality of NP. It would be nice to see the city actually ticket every person who violates the snow emergency route parking.

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  • Ethanol Man

    They need to get my street on this list! I want plowed out first!

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  • Edgar

    They don’t plow anyway, so why does it matter. They just drive around collecting overtime. What a waste.

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  • Silly NP

    The city’s snow removal plan is a joke to say the least. And the enformenent of the emergency snow routes is silly at best. They dont ticket cars that have been sitting on city streets with flat tires or up on blocks for months on end. Why would the cops get out of their patrol cars in inclement weather and ticket a violator? When NPPD puts its foot down and enforces city ordinances will be the day hell freezes over. I say everybody that sees a violator to call the police deptpartment and tell them to do thier jobs. I guarantee the dispatcher will tell you we dont have a parking enforcement officer on duty. Thats thier excuse 24/7.

    Current score: 2
    • Hell is freezing over ;D

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