10-Year-Old Takes Fighting Bedtime to a Whole New Level, Calling 911

911A 10-year-old boy in Massachusetts took the bold step of calling 911 to turn in his mom for a serious crime – trying to make him to go his room at bedtime.

Dan Davis was upset because his mother sent him to bed at 8 p.m., even though he was on a week-long break from school, and warned her that he’d call the police if she insisted.

Shamayne Rosario laughed off her son’s threat, but when he dialed the number and then made a beeline for his room, officers returned the call – only to have Rosario answer and try to get the boy to explain himself, which he refused to do.

Brockton police say they were required to stop by the house to check out the situation, which they did – and delivered an all-clear, along with a lecture requested by the ticked-off mom. While the cops left after giving the boy a scolding, he did receive a 14 day sentence – from his mom, who grounded him for a full two weeks.

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