Where’s the Love, Brooklyn Man Sues Parents for Not Loving Him Enough

where-is-the-loveA Brooklyn man slapped his parents with a lawsuit for $200,000 claiming that they left him homeless and destitute because they raised him in a poor household-and to top it all off, they didn’t love him enough.

Bernard Anderson Bey, 32, claims his parents did not give him enough support of affection. ¬†As a result, he wants them to mortgage their home and buy a Domino’s Pizza franchise so they can employ the whole family.

Bey claims in the suit that as a child, his father beat him, called him names and did drugs in front of him.

The suit was filed with the Brooklyn Supreme court.


  • Really???

    WOW my parents owe me a lot more than i thought hahahaha what d-bag. grow up and take care of yourself!!!!!

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  • Jordan

    Yet ANOTHER lazy butt with a sense of entitlement! What a crock!

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  • FOX

    Okay…we get it. Your parents put you through hell. Get over it. As soon as you turn 18 get your own life!! No one in this whole world owes you a damn thing unless you work for it. Poor you…I’ve been supporting myself since I was 14.

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