NY Man Smashes Up Head Shop After Son Overdoses on Bath Salts

bath-saltsA northern New York man has admitted he used a baseball bat to smash up a head shop after his son overdosed on bath salts sold at the store.

The Associated Press reports that 49-year-old Dan Avery, of Watertown, recently pleaded guilty to criminal mischief for breaking a glass countertop and merchandise at Tebb’s Headshop in his hometown.

Avery says his 24-year-old son was hospitalized when he overdosed on bath salts the son bought at Tebb’s. Avery says he went to the shop in July after and “just went crazy” after the clerk showed him the products and how to use them.

Avery was sentenced Friday to a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay $638 in restitution for the damage he caused.

  • Huskerlover

    Good for him….. It would and does piss me off as well

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  • Old Mama

    If you’re ignorant enough to even consider messing with this stuff, you need your head examined.

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