Sen. Ernie Chambers Vows to Filibuster Bill That Would Allow Inmates to Work for Nonprofits

ernie-chambersSen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha is promising a full filibuster to protest a bill that would let Nebraska work-camp inmates work for nonprofit groups.

Chambers slowed the Legislature to a near-standstill on Tuesday with a series of amendments that prevented lawmakers from voting on the bill. Chambers told his colleagues they might as well take the rest of the day off, because he plans to prolong debate for as long as he can.

Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial introduced the bill for the city of McCook, home to Nebraska’s work-ethic camp. Supporters say the bill would help inmates transition back to regular lives. Chambers argues that the bill could allow department officials to coerce inmates into providing free or cheap labor for groups that participate.

  • opinionated

    He needs to read how they treat prisononers in AZ. They are in a tent in the desert, without TV, coffee or any amenities. They believe that they are there to be punished not catered to.

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  • fnp

    why and how did this idiot get elected again? This guy is and has done nothing but waste taxpayer dollars for 20 years. Quit making race about everything you do. Some people just dont want to change and they blame their current problems on their ancestors past – regardless of race. If your constituants would 1. get a job, 2. get off drugs, 3. get off the welfare system, and 4. quit blaming everybody but themselves, we would all be better off. Go Away Ernie.

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  • big bad

    he is one of the biggest racist in nebraska ‘

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  • Huskerlover

    This guy is avTOTAL loser- waste of air

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  • PB

    I happen to agree that Prisoners should not be allowed to work for 501 C/3s they should be made to pick up trash on the side of the road and do manual labor or break stones into gravel but not work at food pantries, churches, the Goodwill and other non-profits.

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  • http://windows Hashime

    I would bet the farm that if, someone would introduce a bill to execute every white person in prison he would get on the band wagon to get it passed. He was the cause of term limits but since he comes from a black area of Omaha, he will continue to get elected. I would read with joy his obitutary in the paper.

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  • Susan

    I don’t agree with his politics, but Mr. Chambers doesn’t waver on his beliefs. What you see is what you get. No guess work.

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  • http://northplattepost Mr. Bojangles

    The truth of it is it would maybe be the FIRST work most of the inmates ever did. I can’t wait till this dude is gone!! He is a P.O.S.

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