Bellevue Couple Arrested for Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting 5-Year-Old Son

jailAuthorities say a suburban Omaha couple have been arrested, accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting their 5-year-old son.

The two are being held without bail in Sarpy County Jail on felony charges of sexual assault and incest.

The Associated Press is not using their names, to protect the privacy of the boy.

Public defender Tom Strigenz represents the mother and says she maintains her innocence. The father’s attorney has not responded to a message.

An arrest warrant affidavit says the mother told in-laws in September that she and her husband had sexually assaulted the boy. The document says she said she participated in the assaults so she could save her marriage.

A hearing is scheduled March 18 for both parents. They live in Bellevue.

  • SICK!

    This story made me sick. Wanting to save the marriage?! REALLY?! If my husband EVER touched my kids he could only pray the police found him first. That isn’t a marriage to save. She’ll probably go with the battered womens defense and get probation. These people should NEVER get the child back. If she isn’t strong enough to stand up for her child over some jacka** man she should never be allowed to even see the child because his safety will always be at risk.

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    • c’mon man

      ALL of that AND sterilization for both of them. You can’t cure these psychos. No more innocents should be around them. Ever!

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  • raven

    These are some sick parents.. they both need to go to prison and have the same done to them

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  • uhmwhat?

    At least he is safe now!!! It amazes me what PARENTS!! will do to the people they are put on this planet to PROTECT!!!!

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  • Inside-Man


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  • fnp

    absolutely horrible what people can do……not much else can be said.

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  • sheesh

    they definitely have failed as parents. whether or not it’s true, i hope it isn’t because the poor child would have been traumatized.

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  • ralph mouth

    so sick

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