Retired Generals Seek More Funding for Early Childhood Education in Nebraska

early-childhood-educationA group of retired generals is seeking a $10 million yearly increase in Nebraska state aid for early childhood education.

The veterans said Monday that they were pushing for the funding boost to ensure that more youths qualify for military service.

Retired Brig. Gen. Paul G. Cohen says an estimated 75 percent of the nation’s youths aren’t able to serve in the military because they’re too poorly educated, physically unfit, or have a criminal record.

Supporters pointed to a 2010 report by the Education Trust, a Washington advocacy group, which found that 15 percent of Nebraska high school graduates who applied for military service scored too low on entrance exams to qualify.

Sen. John Harms of Scottsbluff is seeking to increase the funding.

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    Although I completely agree with the fact that we need to invest more in early childhood learning, I feel like parents should take some sort of responsibility. Yes my daughter went to preschool and I paid for it for 2 years. But if I was to not afford preschool I would’ve still been able to teach her most, if not all, of what she needed to learn before Kindergarten. And I still took the time and taught her very advanced things before she went to preschool and kindergarten. Parents need to take it upon themselves to educate their children, not just in morals (which is a completely different subject) but education school wise.

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