Former DEA Chiefs Call for Govt. to Nullify CO and WA Marijuana Laws Before It’s Too Late

Colorado-MarijuanaA national group advocating less-stringent drug laws are criticizing eight former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs for their call to nullify new laws in Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational marijuana use.

The New York-based Drug Policy Alliance said in a statement Tuesday that the former administrators have a vested interest in defending policies they promoted for decades but that many Americans are now rejecting.

The group’s executive director, Ethan Nadelmann, says the ex-officials face the same legacy as agents who enforced alcohol prohibition in the 1920s and early 1930s. It was eventually viewed as a failure and reversed.

The ex-DEA chiefs say federal law banning marijuana use has supremacy over state laws. They’ve urged the Obama administration to try to nullify the Washington and Colorado laws.

  • rather take pot than pills

    so stupid I “partake” because i used to be on all sorts of meds and treatments because i’m paralyzed on half my body, but i also used to use govnt insurance for my meds and treatments but now i use my own money to medicate with mj saving us taxpayers(i’ve held my job for the past 4 years reguardless of my disability and use of mj) and thanks to using mj over the pharmaceutical companies crap i save us(taxpayers) over $3000 a month in medical expenses(10 years nearly 1/3 of a million dollars and i feel better than i ever did on all those meds etc. does this make me a bad person for choosing to sit at home partaking while not bothering anybody else? please like if you support this or check out/like my page on facebook: Legalize Nebraska. thanks everyone i appreciate your support/understanding i’m just trying to be a good citizen without having to live off the welfare system like everyone else (know anyone else who’s got 50% use of their body yet wants to still work? many of you will know who i am now but it’s time somebody speaks out on the subject i mean heck mj kills cancer cells by turning them against themselves (wicked huh) :)

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  • fnp

    if you are “saving us taxpayers” 3k a month on your weed…..your addicted plain and simple – I don’t know and have never known anyone that could even consume that much weed in a year. you post makes no sense period. also, when some “high” person crashes into one of your childrens cars and kills them, will your opinion change?

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    • allsides

      One should not judge….you must have skipped over the part where he said he stays at home not bothering anyone. We don’t know he drives, and who says he uses before work and quite honestly these days there are crazy drivers more consistently that just don’t pay attention and are SOBER. You don’t have to under the influence to be a dumbass is all I’m saying.

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  • rather take pot than pills

    i save taxpayers over 3k a month on meds and treatments i WAS getting but now use mj Instead no i do not consume 3k worth of mj a month wow how could i even afford that. oh and i do not drive, let alone high…..i’m not stupid and i try to find mj with the most cbds which is the muscle relaxing active ingredient and also counter-acts the thc(what makes you high) this is why i posted that^^^ because people need to learn the facts it’s not about me trying to get high geez

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