UP Engine Catches Fire West of Maxwell

A Union Pacific engine caught on fire this morning just west of Maxwell.

The smoke could be seen from North Platte, and quickly filled the Platte River Valley, as what appeared to be an oil fire burned on a Union Pacific engine.

The Maxwell Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched at about 7:30 to the fire.  By the time firefighters arrived, the fire had, for the most part burnt itself out.

A Union Pacific employee on scene told the Post that no one was injured in the blaze and a railroad official stated that the cause of the fire is unknown and will be investigated.


  • Warren B

    And by what the UP official told the Post was we have no intentions in invesigating the fire. We dont care about the safety of our employees let alone the public and environment. Thats how they truly roll

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  • http://windows Hashime

    The last time I saw a engine on fire was when passing through Roscoe Ne. I stopped at a farm service business and asked if the fire dept had been called. They replied that the engine had been smokeing for over a hour. The train crew just stuck it on a sideing and left. The farm people said that if the railroad didn`t care they didn`t either. Sounds like there isn`t much friendship between those people and the railroad.

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