On the Docket: Lincoln Co. District Court Highlights

Lincoln County District Court was a busy place Monday.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Drew Steier

    Drew Steier

    A Wyoming man who attempted to rob the Farmer’s State Bank in Wallace entered a plea.  20-year-old Drew Steier entered a No Contest plea to Attempted Robbery.  In exchange for the plea, prosecutors agreed to recommend 1 1/2 to 3 years in the State Pen and amend the charge from Robbery.  Authorities say Steier walked into the bank on August 13, 2012 and ordered the teller to give him money.  Steier was wearing a black ski mask and holding what appeared to be a handgun.  However the gun turned out to be a toy gun.  Steier and an accomplice, Tracy Black, were later apprehended in Imperial.  Steier will be sentenced on April 8.






  • Edward Maline

    Edward Maline

    A 41-year-old North Platte man plead Not Guilty to a charge of First-Degree Sexual Assault of a Child.  Edward Maline was arrested after a 19-year-old  came forward and claimed that he had sexually assaulted her eleven years earlier.  She accused Maline of inappropriate touching and committing acts that were sexual in nature.  The victim claimed the action started when she was eight or nine years old, and continued for the next decade.







  • Chad Hall

    Chad Hall

    A Hershey man charged with being a Habitual Criminal made a plea deal with prosecutors.  Chad Hall, 39, plead no contest to Theft by Taking, in exchange, prosecutors dropped the Habitual Criminal Charge, as well as a charge of Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm.  Deputies received a tip last January that Hall may have a gun in his residence in Hershey.  Upon execution of a search warrant, deputies found 21 long guns in a safe, including one that was considered an assault weapon.  Authorities also discovered seven pistols.  During the investigation, investigators discovered that Hall had also stolen and pawned jewelry.  Hall will be sentenced on April 8.






  • Jessy Ellison

    Jessy Ellison

    A 31-year-old Brady man who assaulted his girlfriend and threatened her with firearms received probation.  Jessy Ellison was given 18 months probation by Judge Richard Birch.  Prosecutors agreed to drop a charge of Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony in exchange for a guilty plea and amended the charge to Attempted Terroristic Threats.  Police say that in October 2012, Ellison threatened his girlfriend with firearms before firing them into the air.  He then grabbed her and threw her into the grill of his pickup.  








  • http://ThePost SOMUCHSTUPIDITY

    Has ANYONE ever been SENTENCED on Habitual Criminal in Lincoln Co? Its just words to scare the offenders into taking a plea bargain & save the courts some time.. & in a couple years the offender will be out.. [& we will be reading about them AGAIN]..

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    • cowboy4u

      Why is it assumed that all criminals will reoffend i made a mistake and learned a lesson. I did almost 3years in the pen but have come out with a clear head on my shoulders and do not wish to be in trouble again.

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      • Always

        Because he’s been in and out of jail for YEARS and arrested more times than I can keep track of!!

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      • http://ThePost SOMUCHSTUPIDITY

        @ cowboy4u.. no where in my comment did i say ALL criminals will reoffend, i was referring to the ones they charge with HABITUAL [which means they continue to get in trouble, being locked up once or even twice isn’t enough for them].. they just can’t get their crap together.. they like being taken care of, so sentence them on the habitual & let them just stay there.

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  • wow!

    Everybody ALWAYS complains about charges being dropped and how light the sentences are. WE keep picking them! Vote vote VOTE! I understand a plea. I get it! But to dismiss nearly every charge will teach him NOTHING! Being in posession should have been a no brainer for the CA. I bet he would have been happy to plead to anything other than the habitual. Hope he realizes that he could have been away for many years and cleans his act up. Best wishes!

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  • upset fan

    Chad you need to get help. And you have a family to take care of. Its time to grow up and act like a grown up and stop doing the stupid sh** you have kept doing. I am shocked so many people have stuck behind you for the stunts you pull.

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    • hey

      Say it to him hes not gonna see this..

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  • SickofHall

    Chad Hall will not learn. He has been a worthless puke his entire life. And anybody that defends this waste of precious air just shows the kind of person you are !! Lock him away agian. He has done NOTHING productive with his life !! Hopefully next time he gets in trouble it will be in a different county that will prosecute him as a habitual criminal. Hall is a drain on society. Enough is Enough with this sorry excuse !

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  • http://whatthef*** whatthef***

    How many times do the good people have to have the sh** that this low life does shoved down our throats. He is no good, a loser and a waste of society. And by the way he had a spawn with another low life. So people this cycle will continue for years. Not only do we foot the bill for him, but his wife and child also. He’s habitual in all areas of life. They are the laughing stock of Hershey and I don’t know how they could show face. Guilty by association. Support your husband. Man you sure have someone to be proud of, O how proud you should be.

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