Man Shot by Omaha Police Dies

jason-welchOfficials say a 34-year-old man shot by an Omaha narcotics investigator has died.

Police say Jason Welch died Tuesday at Nebraska Medical Center.

Welch was shot Friday night while officers were trying to arrest him and 35-year-old Jennifer Lovings in a drugstore parking lot. Lovings was driving a sport utility vehicle that had rammed an unmarked police car. The officer says he fired when he saw Welch reach into the SUV’s console. No weapon was found in the SUV.

Lovings has since surrendered to face several charges. She and Welch were suspected of involvement in a methamphetamine sales ring.

A grand jury will investigate Welch’s death under a state law that requires such when someone dies while being arrested or in custody.


  • sherry morris

    y was this man shot 3 times ? what was the officer trying to prove? was there something that jason knew that the officer didnt want out?

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    • Just me

      they were trying to arrest him, he rammed a police car & was possibly reaching for a gun. He had already shown the intent to harm an officer. Sounds to me like the officer was protecting his life as well as other innocent lives.
      I believe they are taught to shoot till the threat is no longer a threat…
      Why the concern of a meth dealer, was he your supplier?? lol

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      • lol

        Wow, shame on you. Just because a person has a drug problem does not mean they deserve to be shot to death. You’re a cruel, unfeeling person.

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  • Samantha

    Sherry you are right this is wrong and a shame Jayson was not a danger, i know him personally as he was my uncle

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