Three NP Men Charged with Burglarizing Ideal Linen

North Platte Police have arrested three men accused of burglarizing Ideal Linen.

During the early morning hours on January 9, officers from the North Platte Police Department (NPPD) found the back door of Ideal Linen at 116 W. 6th pried open.

After an initial investigation, officers discovered that unknown persons had stolen a safe from the business and fled the area using an Ideal Linen delivery truck.

On Tuesday, NPPD investigators met with suspect, Cody Jolliffe, 29, who is currently incarcerated at the Lincoln County Detention Center after being arrested on a Lincoln County burglary warrant.

Upon further investigation, investigators determined that there was probable cause to arrest Jolliffe for the Ideal Linen burglary.  Jolliffe was cited and placed back into custody at the jail.

On Wednesday, investigators were able to identify two other suspects, Terry Houchin, 29, and Jacob Moser, 24, who allegedly also played a role in the Ideal burglary.

All three men were charged with  two counts of Burglary-Forced Entry, and Theft by Unlawful Taking.


  • Go Figure…

    WTF Cody?? You were doing a good job of keeping your nose clean… One more trip East might do the trick. Not smart buddy!!!

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    • ok?

      Cody my question is why…… Not only that but what the hell you gonna get from a freaking clothes washing place sure as hell not a whole lot of money! B4

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  • notsurprised

    I am not surprised to see Cody in even more trouble. He was a trouble maker in school and now has become a parasitic tick on society. How many chances does one person deserve?

    Current score: 9
  • Concerned

    Ohhh come on guys he had a horrible life so please cut him some slack!! Hell at his age I didn’t think someone can still use that excuse for their actions!! What a joke to society! Too bad his kids are the ones that have to suffer and sorry for the mother of the children because now she is left with the answering of the questions! Glad she is a strong woman :)

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    • Baby mama

      This literally brought tears to my eyes….thank u for the kind words whoever u are

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  • upset fan

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cody yet again your in trouble right along with Terry. I wonder how all your kids are responding to this. I know I wouuldn’t want to hear my parents were in this kind of trouble. and Concerned you are right Cody’s kids mom is strong.

    Current score: 4
  • np is pathetic

    this is to all who have no life and have to get on here and talk down on others. theres only one judge and thats god so who are u to say anything about anyone. I understand ur miserable and hate ur own life but seriously life is a gift if someone chooses to maje bad choices o well they get whats coming and yes about the kuds instead of trying to feel good and talk down in peopke maybe u should be the almughty and take care of the kids since ur so worried o wait u already said what u need to about that so who cares right cuz if u did u woukdnt be dogging on them u would say a prayer for him and the kids and remember u not the judge of no one but urself so shut it and let the real judge do his job…..god bless and remember jesus loves everyine equal and consider all in tjis world equal so follw in the righteous steps and shhhhhhhhh

    Current score: 1
    • What?

      Actually, perhaps it is you people should pray for because for one who proclaims such ‘holiness’ it seems you are pretty good at ‘dogging’ others on here. Obviously those making comments to Cody, know Cody and if the people around you can’t tell you that you are screwing up…Who can? P.S. spell check would help to make your argument appear a bit more intelligent.

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    • Baby mama

      Those are my kids you are talking about…..u dont know a damn thing about me or my kids I raise these kids all on my own and have two jobs to pick up for Cody’s slack….I never dog Cody in front of my children and raise them the best way I know how and pray for my kids that someday they can have a normal relationship with their dad… since everyone on here is dogging Cody and judging him ur doing the same thing to me……so if u want to say another word about my kids then we can sit down and discuss this face to face….mama bear out!

      Current score: 3
    • Seriously!!

      “NP is Pathetic”, hmmmm, not nearly as pathetic as your spelling. Step out of the trailer and head to school, or better yet learn to spell check before you go bashing on his children’s mother. I guarantee even their 6 year old could leave a better comment than this.

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  • Emily

    Sure Cody makes stupid choices, He’s still my pal.

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  • SeymoreButz

    Really people ? Poor Cody this, Bad choices that……..Most good people know right from wrong. Blaming society and how he grew up is a piss poor excuse. He chose to break the law. Winner in my book I tell ya.

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  • Baby mama

    Not that I’m defending him I think he’s the biggest moron I’ve ever met and can’t wait for sentencing day!

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  • Concerned

    Np is pathetic… If you really want me to pass judgement then how about this… Your spelling sucks and I don’t think my 1st grader could spell that bad!! Now I am passing judgment!! Pray for me please!!

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