BREAKING: Alleged NP Thieves Charged with Yet Another Burglary

Three North Platte men who were just charged for burglarizing Ideal Linen, have been charged with yet another burglary.

On December 26, 2012 a citizen on East Kaneb Road reported a burglary to his residence.  The citizen advised Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies that a grey safe was taken from his home that contained $23,000, credit cards and various vehicle and equipment titles.

Through a cooperative effort, investigators from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), North Platte Police Department (NPPD) and the CODE Drug Task Force identified suspects in this burglary, as well as other burglaries in Western Nebraska.

On March 12, 2013, 29-year-old Cody Jolliffe of North Platte was arrested for his part in the burglary of the residence.  Jolliffe was placed into custody at the Lincoln County Detention Center on charges of Burglary and Theft by Unlawful Taking.

Investigators say they continued to work the case and on March 13, a NPPD investigator contacted Terry Houchin, 29, and Jacob Moser, 24.  Both subjects were charged with the Kaneb Road burglary.

Investigators say the stolen items were either spent or destroyed by the trio.

Jolliffe was also recently charged with burglarizing the Westfield Car Wash, and all three men have been charged with burglarizing Ideal Linen.

The investigation continues according to the LCSO.



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  • ok?

    Never ending!!! list just goes on and on keep these losers out of North Platte maybe sh+t wouldn’t come up missing all the time then again I know there a lot more of these dumbass ppl still here.

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  • SeymoreButz

    Wheres the Cody supporters? Poor kid. I dont blame him. I blame society and his upbringing.pffft whatever

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    • http://Google Sis

      You must not know Cody too well….

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  • not_so_shocked

    so young, so angry…..damn that rap music!!!! lol 😉

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  • Concerned

    Seymore… Ohh we must not know Cody well enough to pass such judgement !! I also find it funny that no one is defending him .. I don’t know why since he is such a great guy but was just dealt a bad hand!!!

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  • upset fan

    WOW Terry must be nice to know that people have that much money laying around what were you trying to do pay off some debt? I didn’t bring my chest waders for this one today. I am in shock. Maybe you need to go get some help and TREATMENT and take it seriously. GROW UP

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  • Bonnie and Clyde

    You all jump and point fingers way too fast..
    first, take a look in the mirror are you perfect? No.
    is anyone perfect? No
    so therefore why is it ok for you to sit there and say negative things about them??
    I’m DEFINATELY a “Cody supporter” all the way.
    Cody is an amazing guy, I love Cody with all my heart, and I will always be there to support him every step of the way!
    Maybe you should have taken the time to get to know the real Cody, not the one that’s on one, but the real one..
    As for Jake and Terry, they also have my support.

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    • Guess you’re “thick as thieves” huh? Good luck with that!

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  • Baby mama

    Bonnie and clyde….first off u have no idea who the hell the “real” Cody is…..maybe u should get ur nose clean and open ur eyes!

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  • Ummmm

    Well looks like the real Cody,Terry & Jacob are right here in this article. Yep I see thier mug shots right at the top. See? Right up there ! Im sure they r innocent. Maybe set-up? I suppose you supporters are behind C. Hall too? Good people dont do these type of things and be in situations that get them there ! What is that Ace says ? Oh thats right……..LOOOOOSER !

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    • Smelly Cat

      Its normal protocol to arrest the innocent. im sure its just a big misunderstanding

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    • Tsprtr

      Ummmm, you don’t know what your talking about, so maybe shut the front door. And watch who you are calling a loser or we can meet up in person.

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      • hugsnsuch

        Im watching right now on my keyboard as I type who Im calling a loser. Its the 3 in the above article and apparently the supporters of the 3 innocent because my upbringing wasnt very good,i gave into peer pressure and society made me doit LOSERS !! I say now that sum phunny stuff right there

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  • LOL@Tsprtr

    Really tsprtr ? Because my front door is wide open and I dont see any winners mentioned in this article !!!! Its really safe to say with the charges brought up against these 3 ‘winners’ that these LOSERS get whats coming to them.LOL

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  • upset fan

    Once again I am shocked that there hasn’t been more involved in this. I am sure Cody was scared and wanted everyone to sit in jail with him. To the Cody supporters most of us know him. He NEEDS help, You know all three of these boys have kids and baby mamma’s how do you think your kids are reacting to your actions. AH heck you don’t seems to care how they feel only your current high.

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  • turnurshortsaround

    Jake Moser what a piece of trash it will be a good place where he’s goin don’t work he needs to just fall off the edge of the earth nobody wood no he’s gone anyway say hi to bubba

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