Lawsuit Claims Child Ate Condom Found in McDonald’s Play Area

mcdonalds-play-areaA lawsuit against McDonald’s alleges a child ate a used condom he found in the play area of one of the chain’s Chicago restaurants.

The suit was filed Wednesday on behalf of Anishi Spencer and her two sons, who were 3 and 2 years old at the time of the alleged incident in February 2012.

The mother alleges the 2-year-old coughed up a piece of the condom and that both children required medical treatment.

The suit accuses McDonald’s of failing to remove harmful debris from an area used by children.

McDonald’s said Thursday it was investigating. It added in a statement that “providing a safe, clean environment is a top priority.”

The woman’s attorney, Jeffrey Deutschman, says he tried for months to reach a settlement but got no response.

  • not_so_shocked

    wow, thats really freaking disgusting. aren’t there cameras in the playplace?

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  • oldman3066

    Did the mother bring it to the attention of management when the child coughed it up or was they already gone from McDonalds? Also, wasn’t she watching what her kids was doing while in the play area? To many questions without enough answers to support this type of lawsuit.

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  • sumting wong here

    ha you eaten at our mcds lately yuck

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    • What?

      Nope! Wouldn’t dare!

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  • meanoldwoman

    She was probably talking on her government issued cell phone instead of watching her toddler/baby, they put everything in their mouth if you aren’t watching them, that what being a parent is all about, raising your children not just dumping them in an unsupervised play area and forget about them

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  • Huskerlover

    I understand McDonalds is sorta like watching paint dry at this point but give me a break- unless you want to pay $12.99 for the Big Mac- then please understand they can’t afford to pay someone to babysit every inch of the play area….I try to watch what my kid puts in his mouth but if I miss something- like it or not – it’s my fault- there is not one inch of this earth that a toddler couldn’t find to stick something in thier mouth- hell I think my youngster has even found some keys I lost and spent hours looking – and it took him 5 minutes- my point is- YEP – it’s hard being a good and observant parent but the last time I checked doing my best, and that’s considering I don’t catch all they do , is what being a parent of a child is all about. My child was not put on earth to use as a tool to sue someone cuz I don’t want to set my alarm Monday morning. Quit wasting the courts time so they can get onto more important stuff!

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  • Val

    Nobody questions a condom in a little kids play pit? Yes, I hope they have cameras showing mom digging a condom out of her purse for her kid to chew on so she can rack up a nice little pay me from McDonalds.

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  • http://windows Hashime

    How much do you suppose McDonalds charged them for the condom?

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