Chambers Wants to Overturn Policy That Allows Students Time for Pledge of Allegiance

chambers-no-pledgeA Nebraska lawmaker says he wants to overturn a State Board of Education policy that requires schools to allow students time to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily.

The Legislature’s Education Committee will hear a bill by Sen. Ernie Chambers on Monday that reverses the board’s action requiring the pledge to be said in schools.

Last August, the board voted unanimously to approve the pledge policy. Gov. Dave Heineman also supported the policy after a similar legislative proposal failed to advance out of the Education Committee last year.

Chambers says he wants to get rid of the State Board of Education’s rule because the members disregarded the Legislature’s motion to shelf the bill.

  • lame

    Anybody else tired of this joker wasting our time. As if legislative gridlock wasn’t bad enough he wants to change a decision Nebraskans like based on a procedural error. This is the same guy trying to sue God. He doesn’t even have an email. Who keeps voting for this punk?

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  • Danny Neff

    I say we all PLEDGE to get this clown out of office..

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  • fnp

    Its just because he’s BLACK and has a chip on his shoulder. We probobly owe him for his ancestors being slaves too I suppose.

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  • http://windows Hashime

    Since this black thing isn`t happy with the United States why doesn`t he go to China or maybe Turkey, possibly Cuba? Personaly, I would buy him a one way ticket anywhere out of here.

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  • Huskerlover

    What a waste- I can’t imagine what it’s like to sit with this waste of flesh all day and hear him Blah Blah Blah- I would resign just to not listen to him- and I’d like to see who votes for him-…..I bet that is a fine bunch as well…

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  • Citizen Kane

    time for ernie to move to iran, maybe they will like him

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  • meanoldwoman

    Ernie Chamber is a waste of flesh and the food and air to keep it alive.

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  • PB

    Ernie Sanders is a man who keeps getting re-elected so he is pleasing some people. I will give him credit for standing by his opinions. BTW he is right, if they broke the rules to put the policy in place, it should be repealed and done properly. We all like to complain when they force through something we do not like by breaking the rules, but when it is something we like we don’t. That my friends is hypocrisy. The rule of law is the rule of law, always. BTW as a Bible Christian I cannot pledge allegaince to anyone, but God and I do not pledge to a idol they cal the flag of the USA. Pledging allegiance to the flag is an afront to God.

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  • six

    One nation under god! He keeps getting elected cuz in his district he’s the only one who runs.

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