4-Year-Old Accidentally Shoot 13-Year-Old in Foot with Arrow

Kearney_policeA 13-year-old Kearney girl was treated for injuries after being shot in the foot with an arrow fired from a bow.

According to Kearney Police, the incident happened around 4:40 p.m., at Countryside Trailer Court in the west part of Kearney.  A resident in the area reported hearing yelling and screaming near his home.

Police responded and made contact with the girl who had been shot.

She was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital.  The girl was treated for what Police are calling minor injuries and released.

The shooting was considered accidental.

  • ohmama

    I guess now we have to ban high capacity toddlers.

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  • Ethanol man

    Someone call Biden…. Time to ban bow and arrows.

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