Gov. Heineman Launches Campaign to Reduce Veteran Suicides

not-one-more-lifeNebraska Gov. Dave Heineman and military leaders have kicked off a public awareness campaign to reduce suicides among veterans.

The “Not One More Life” campaign will focus on emotional issues that service members and veterans face.

The campaign is a joint effort of the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs and Nebraska Chapter 7 of the Disabled American Veterans.

The campaign includes radio announcements and more than 5,000 bumper stickers that promote a crisis line, 1-800-273-8255. The bumper stickers will be distributed to county veteran services officers in all 93 counties.

The crisis line is available to veterans, as well as their friends and family members.

  • Ty

    Problem is this is trying to treat a symptom,not the root cause… They need to find out why and what these young men and women are experiencing in war that is making them take their lives.This could be a symptom of what happens when we find ourselves in an unjust and immoral war for over a decade. Granted im no veteran, but there has to be a link to what their experiencing and are subjected to over there and suicide here.

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