Omaha Police Chief Launches Excessive Force Investigation After Video Surfaces Online (Video)

omaha-policeOmaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer says his department has launched an internal investigation after a video turned up online showing an officer punching a restrained man.

Police say the incident began Thursday, when officers responded to an on-going parking complaint in a north Omaha neighborhood.

Police were preparing to have some vehicles towed for expired tags when they say 28-year-old Octavius Johnson pulled up and approached officers in an aggressive manner.

But video secretly taken by a neighbor shows an officer grabbing Johnson, who does not appear combative, from behind and violently throwing him to the ground. Later, the officer is seen punching Johnson in the face several times while Johnson is prone on the ground.

Schmaderer has called a Saturday afternoon news conference to address the incident.

  • Citizen Kane

    I believe that the videoer needs to go out on the sttreets some night and see just what an officer deals with everyday. maybe then they would understand that when someoone is refusing to a command they need to be subdued.

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  • http://google confused

    Are you kidding me this is rediculous he did nothing wrong and the other guy was asking for names & yeliing that’s abuse&who wouldn’t after just witnessing what he saw & how many officers stormed into that house, seriously they didn’t even chase that guy into that house until all the othe cops showed up so what was that about, a person can’t stand & yell that’s abuse what was he suppose to do?, call the cops? Yes officers do deal with many situations however they handled this situation poorly and who knows what happened to the guy in the house I mean how many cops ran in there? I am glad a neighbor videoed taped this otherwise who knows what charges these men might be looking at..

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  • http://google confused

    and where does this gentleman refuse a command? he is walking to his vehicle and is grabbed from the back so ya he probably is going to struggle. If the officer hand not placed his arm around the guys neck from behind this would never had taken place rewatch the video he does not refuse a command.

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