Paws-itive Partners Announces ‘Love My Cat’ Campaign

paws-itive-partnersSpring brings green grass and warmer temperatures but spring also brings unwanted litters of cats.  In an effort to reduce the number of homeless cats and kittens, Paws-itive Partners announced their third Love My Cat campaign.  Beginning April 1, for only $25, owners can have their cat spayed or neutered at any veterinary clinic in North Platte or at Sutherland Veterinary Clinic.

Paws-itive Partners member Susan Kubart explained the importance of spay and neuter, “I love my cats, so to keep them healthy, I chose to have them spayed and neutered.  This choice has resulted in calm, happy, healthy, loving cats.  You don’t have to worry about them running away to find a mate, fighting with other cats and risking injury, or spraying in the house and yard to attract mates.”  Kubart continued, “We all love our cats, so it’s important to treat them right.  Spaying and neutering can be too expensive for some pet owners, so now is the perfect time for financial assistance through Love My Cat.”

In order to make spaying and neutering affordable to everyone, veterinary clinics in North Platte and Sutherland have reduced fees to cat owners to $25 during April.  Paws-itive Partners is supplementing the balance of veterinary expenses.  “We want to reach as many low- to moderate-income cat owners as possible.  As small as the fee is for Love My Cat, there’s no reason not to spay and neuter,” said Kubart.

Animal Clinic veterinarian Dr. Robert Bohlender spoke highly of Paws-itive Partners’ Love My Cat campaign.  “Some pet owners need financial help stopping litters.  Paws-itive Partners does such good work and we are glad to be part of Love My Cat.”  As with all participating clinics, Bohlender said pet owners can call their clinic directly to schedule their cat’s appointment.  He reminded people not to wait to call because clinics expect a big demand during April.

Paws-itive Partners is asking cat owners to call their veterinary clinic as soon as possible to schedule appointments.  Employees at veterinary clinics and the local animal shelter told Paws-itive Partners they saw a reduction in unwanted litters after previous Love My Cat efforts.  During the last two Love My Cat campaigns, 693 cats were spayed and neutered.  Cats are prolific producers and it is estimated that the last two Love My Cat campaigns were able to prevent over 3,400 births in the six months afterwards!

For questions about Love My Cat, call Jo Mayber at 308-532-8814.

  • chris ireland

    i am the owner of techwest computers, 508 n. Dewey and would love to put a jar for donations for your organization, let me say they helped two of my four dogs getting fixed back when i couldn’t have afforded to, it would be my way to say thank you, and i appreciate what you do.
    i also challenge the other north Platte businesses to do the same. could someone from the organization please bring a jar or donation box for my store .

    Current score: 9
    • Jo Mayber

      Chris, It’s always nice to hear from people we’ve gotten to help. Thank you, for your offer to put a donation jar in your store and your challenge to other businesses. Paws-itive Partners is happy to take you up on your pffer and will get a jar to you this week. Thank you! Jo Mayber

      Current score: 5
  • c’mon man

    This is a great idea people. We sure don’t want any more sweet innocent cats in our pound.

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  • FOX

    This is such and awesome effort!! It’s good to see the community and clinics doing such great things!! I am a firm believer in spaying and neutering your pet! This helps with needless pet overpopulation and helps cats attitudes and hormones. And if you don’t have a cat…Go ADOPT one today! 😀

    Current score: 3