Experts Say Drought Has Depleted Nebraska’s Reserve of Soil Moisture

dry-nebraskaExperts say Nebraska’s reserve of soil moisture is gone, compounding the continuing bad news about Nebraska’s drought.

Mark Svoboda, of the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, told a state drought task force Monday that the reserve was amassed during several years of relatively generous rainfall.

The center says 96 percent of the state remains in extreme or exceptional drought.

State climatologist Al Dutcher says storm systems are expected to make their way across the state in the next few weeks, before cornfields are planted for the 2013 crop.

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    took an “rxpert” to figure that one out? i could have told you this last summer while watering my yellow grass………

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  • jeremy

    *expert* (this i am not)

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    It better get to raining soon so we can grow a large corn crop for ethanol…..

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