Judge Increases Bail for Pregnant Nanny Accused In 4-Month-Old’s Death

Sarah Cullen

Sarah Cullen

(AP) A judge has increased bail for a pregnant nanny accused of causing the death of a 4-month old Omaha boy.

Sarah Cullen must post $75,000, or 10 percent of $750,000, to be released before her trial in the death of Cash Bell. Her previous bail was set at $5,000, or 10 percent of $50,000. She had been free for the past two weeks.

Cullen was arrested in early March on a warrant charging her with child abuse resulting in Cash’s death. Authorities say the baby suffered two skull fractures.

Cullen’s attorney argued his client, who is six months pregnant, was not a flight risk or a risk to the community. Prosecutors say Cullen has a history of abusing children.

Cullen denies causing Cash’s injuries.