North Platte Roofing Company Gives Back to Local Schools

weathercraft-check-presentationA local roofing company is giving back to local schools following a highly successful year.

Weathercraft Roofing presented $7,500 to both the North Platte Public Schools Foundation and the North Platte St. Pats Endowment.

The checks were presented to the organizations by Weathercraft co-owners Scott Erickson and Joe Staroska.  Staroska said the donation is equal to about $25 for every roofing project completed by Weathercraft.  He said the donations are their way of giving back to the community and showing their customers that they appreciate customers keeping their business local.

Executive Director of the North Platte Public Schools Foundation, Jackie Lucas, said that Weathercraft has been a wonderful donor and contributor to the North Platte Public Schools for a number of years.  She added, “This $7,500 donation is going to go back and effect every student in the district.”  Lucas said the Foundation is going to take the money and “pay if forward” by giving $500 to all 13 schools in the District to help kick off their Steppin’ Out for Education campaign in September.

Wendy Dodson, Executive Director of the North Platte Catholic Schools Endowment-Trust stated that the donation will be directed into the Endowment’s Annual Fund, which provides for many things throughout the year including teacher’s salaries, classroom supplies and facility needs.  She said, “The donation is a wonderful example to the community, and it’s really great that Weathercraft feels a connection to our school system as well as the Public school system and feels that it’s important to support both.”

Weathercraft of North Platte was started in 1976 as a branch office of Weathercraft of Lincoln, NE. In 1983, they began operating independently from Weathercraft of Lincoln.. There are three other Weathercraft companies: Weathercraft of Lincoln, NE; Weathercraft of Omaha, NE; and Weathercraft of Colorado Springs, CO. All are completely independently operated.

Weathercraft of North Platte was founded by Alan Erickson and Bill Livengood (Weathercraft of Lincoln) in 1976. Erickson became the sole owner in 1983. He sold the company to Scott Erickson (President) and Joe Staroska (General Manager) in 2006.

  • Vince

    Meanwhile, they’ve been going through the neighborhoods of North Platte and placing their business placards on the lawns of residents without anyone’s expressed permission, myself included. Technically, it *is* trespassing, according to the police officer I spoke to on Friday evening last, but the county attorney won’t pursue a charge of trespassing, which is understandable. This company needs to think twice before sending their representatives out to advertise their business.

    Current score: 2
    • Great Example!

      It does set a good example of a business giving back to the community which is rare these days. Makes you think twice on who you hire. A company who you never hear from after they are paid, or one that you know is part of and supports the local community!

      Current score: 9
  • Scott Erickson

    We sent out postcards to all of our customers giving them a chance to elect not to put signs in their yards. We accidentally put 2 out of 600 signs in the wrong yards. One of those accidentally went into Vince’s yard. We appreciate that Vince is angry about the mistake and I am personally apologizing to you Vince for this accident. We hope that everyone is able to look past this unfortunate mistake since it is for a good cause. We are a local business that has helped North Platte’s economy since 1976 and we support our schools.


    Scott Erickson
    Weathercraft Roofing Co.

    Current score: 19
  • Thank you

    Wow! Such an amazing gift to our local schools! Thank you Weathercraft Roofing!

    Current score: 11
  • WOW!

    What an amazing thing to do! There’s many other things I’m sure they could have spent their money on such as a vacation, but instad donateed for our childrens future. It’s truly amazing somebody is complaining about it. Wish you would see the brighter things in life n learn to pick n choose your battles. It’s a sign. If you don’t like it simply take it out and go about your day. Calling the police for something so insignificant and wanting to persue charges is out of control! #somepeoplearecrazy

    Current score: 6