NPPS Administrators Get a Raise for the 2013-2014 School Year

NP-Public-SchoolsAdministrators with the North Platte Public Schools (NPPS) will get a raise after the Board of Education approved proposed compensation for the 2013-2014 school year Tuesday evening.

Superintendent Marty Bassett, who currently makes $180,000 per year, will get a four percent raise, which will increase his salary to $187,200.  Bassett is just completing his first year as the leader of NPPS.  According to NPPS Board of Education records, Bassett’s predecessor Dr. David Engle, refused raises during his three-year tenure.  Engle’s salary at the time of his resignation was $160,000 annually.

Tami Eshleman, who was recently promoted to Associate Superintendent, will receive an eight percent raise, which will increase her salary from $121,000 to 130,896 per year.  Administrators say the increase in pay is commensurate with the promotion, when compared to similar positions in similar schools.

Board members also noted that it is difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison with other Districts, because each one functions differently when it comes to the duties and responsibilities of employees.

The Board also granted three percent raises to the principal’s in the district, with the exception of Greg Fruhwirth, who took a one percent pay cut.

Full-time principals will make anywhere from $94,200 to 124,324 per year.  The salary for the Principal at North Platte High School may change due to the qualifications and experience of current Principal Todd Rhodes’ replacement.  Rhodes’ recently announced his resignation.

The compensation for administrators is their total compensation, meaning that there are no additional fringe benefits such as contributions for health insurance that are not included.

Teachers in the District received a two percent increase in their pay.

Follow the link below to see the numbers:$file/Administrator%20Salaries%2020132014.pdf



  • What?

    Wasn’t it not too long ago that there was an article about cutting back on none certified employees because the district couldn’t afford to pay their health care? So how can they now give raises? Oh wait, I get it…having high quality staff that have daily direct contact with our kids isn’t as important as having highly overpaid administrative staff. Sure, that makes sense!

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  • singlemom

    Seriously???? In the middle school they cant afford to have a text book for each kid, kids have to share. They are cutting back on the arts and music programs and make it so parents have to pay a fee at the high school for art supplies. And we give these yahoo’s a raise? For what???? I dont understand wouldnt that 16k+ raises that they just gave be better spent in the school district to OUR kids and THEIR education instead… its no wonder north platte is on the bottom of the barrel for state standards and education!

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  • Citizen Kane

    wish i was getting a 4% raise.

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  • wow

    This borders scandalous.

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