Omaha Man Convicted in NE Teen Prostitution Case


Alex Rahe

A 29-year-old Omaha man has made a plea deal with prosecutors and faces sentencing in May for having sex with a 14-year-old girl in a child prostitution case.

Alex Rahe pleaded no contest last week after prosecutors lowered the charge. Court records say he was convicted of sexual assault of a minor on April 22.

His sentencing has been scheduled for May 2.

The girl’s mother has been convicted of prostituting her 7- and 14-year-old daughters by using online ads across south-central Nebraska. Her maximum prison sentences total 170 years.

The Post is not using her name in order to protect her daughters’ privacy.

  • Huskerlover

    Wow-I’m telling you… “gutting” channel would work wonders
    In this nation of ours- have its own channel – once convicted of such crimes- off to the slaughter house you go- that will put a screeching halt to all this S%^* that happens to kids…. Then put the freaks waiting for their turn in my special house in a big arena with fully fueled chainsaws and let some of them take care of each other….,it would work – it would…..

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