Kansas House Approves Drug Testing Bill For Welfare Recipients

url(AP) – The Kansas House has approved a bill that would require unemployment and welfare recipients to undergo drug testing.

Under a bill passed Tuesday on a 106-16 vote, anyone who fails a drug test would have to get drug treatment and job skills training, paid for by the state and federal government. Those who fail a second time would lose assistance for a year.

The bill also would prevent anyone who is convicted of a drug felony after July from getting welfare for five years. A second conviction would mean a lifelong ban.

House and Senate members also would be tested if there is a reasonable suspicion about their behavior.

The Wichita Eagle reports the Senate has approved the bill but will consider some minor changes in the House version.


  • http://windows Hashime

    Good for Kansas. Maybe that will get some of the worthless garbage off wellfare. Hopefully, Nebraska will do the same. I have to take a random drug test at my job to help feed these pieces of trash and they should to get my tax money.

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  • question

    So they get paid treatment and job skills for failing but no real other consequences? I work and receive benefits and personally am all for drug testing. However I do not think anyone but the individuals involved should be paying for treatment

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  • sumting wong here

    you know its a good idea so many abuse the system as it is,

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  • What?

    Employers require a drug test prior to hiring so why shouldn’t the state do the same before issuing welfare or unemployment benefits. I do agree with job training, but that should be for all on state aid not just those who test positive for drugs. If we want to get people off the welfare lines and keep them off they have to have some form of skill set. However, if someone tests positive for drugs they should be held responsible for the cost of the test and the rehab. Either have them pay out of their checks on a monthly basis, hold any tax refunds or have them do community service hours. Getting a ‘free ride’ because you can’t stay sober or drug free shouldn’t be an exceptable norm in our society. And for those who test positive again…children should be removed and jail sentences issued. I would think that having drugs in your system is a form of ‘possession’. Yes, drug abuse and alcoholism are ‘diseases’, but unlike cancer or other illnesses they can be avoided and/or controlled by the abuser through life choices. I would rather see our tax dollars go to a cancer treatment center than a drug rehab center.

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